Back Zip & Back Grip Set Gold | Carabiner & Climbing Brush

  • PRACTICAL CLIMBING TOOL: Thanks to the Back Zip carabiner with pulley, the climbing brush is always at hand, safely stowed and immediately back in its place. For the perfect flow when climbing.
  • MORE GRIP, MORE SAFETY: The Back Grip is the ideal brush for removing excess chalk. It immediately gives you a strong grip on the climbing wall. Your reliable companion for a safe climbing experience.
  • EASY HANDLING: The Back Grip climbing brush can be quickly and easily attached to the Back Zip carabiner and pulled towards the wall with a one-hand movement to clean the holds and footholds. An ideal combination!
  • LONG LIFE: Sturdy aluminum carabiner with tear-resistant nylon rope approx. 1 meter long. Robust brush handle made of 100% recycled material and dense 100% natural hair bristles.
  • IDEAL GIFT: The Back Zip climbing brush set is a practical climbing accessory that fits on any climbing harness. Surprise your climbing buddy with a stylish carabiner with a matching climbing brush.


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Carabiner with pulley + climbing brush | The practical combination for a safe climbing experience

How many climbing brushes have you already lost? And how often has your climbing brush fallen down and just missed your belayer?

With the practical combination of the Back Zip carabiner and the Back Grip climbing brush, this can no longer happen to you. From now on, both are combined on your climbing harness.

In the blink of an eye, you clean the surface and concentrate on the next move.

Convince yourself!

How the Back Zip carabiner in combination with the Back Grip climbing brush works!

Attach the Back Grip Climbing Brush to the ring carabiner.


Fix the Back Zip carabiner to the climbing harness.


The Back Grip Climbing Brush is now always at hand and safely stowed!


Pull the Back Grip Climbing Brush to the rock/wall with a one-hand movement, brush it off, and let go!

Back Zip carabiner at a glance
  • Easy and quick fixation to any climbing harness
  • Trendy design and elegant colours
  • Handy and, with 42 g, a light and practical climbing companion
  • Sturdy and high-quality aluminum carabiner
  • Easy attachment and detachment of the climbing brush, thanks to the ring carabiner
  • Robust, extendable nylon rope, up to 1 m
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Back Grip climbing brush at a glance
  • Compatible with Back Zip carabiner
  • Black and white as classic and elegant colors
  • Quick and effective cleaning of holds and footholds
  • For more grip and more safety on the climbing wall
  • Hard and stable brush handle made of 100% recyceltem Material
  • Ergonomic shape to protect the fingers
  • Dense and robust 100% natural hair bristles
  • Longer front bristles for even wear and tear
  • Compact and lightweight (30 g)
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Dein Sport. Dein Back Zip & Back Grip Set Gold | Carabiner & Climbing Brush.

As usual, top quality from Keenon Sports... Fast delivery, great packaging... Great set, price-performance ratio simply top... Very glad... Clear product recommendation... 1AAAA

Handy climbing brush, feels good in the hand. By attaching it to the carabiner, the climbing brush cannot fall and get lost, even in the most extreme situations. The combination is part of every climbing session.

Sturdy roll carabiner. Rope length of almost 1 meter ideal for everyone. Carabiner attached to the climbing harness with a click. Climbing brush easy to hook and unhook. Super functional.