About us

Hi, we are Angelika and Gerhard, founders of Keenon Sports. We come from Klagenfurt, the south of Austria.

We have been in the mountains for more than 20 years, whether by feet, by mountain bike or on touring skis. While doing sports we sweat a lot for sure. It's very uncomfortable when sweat runs into eyes or glasses tarnish and get salty spots. Not to speak when the wind comes...

So, what to do? How to deal with the problem? We have tried a lot ourselves, experimented and observed other athletes. The usual handkerchief in the pocket, a terry towel in the side compartment on the backpack or a microfiber towel on a small, fixed carabiner on the front of the backpack. All these options have neither convinced nor satisfied us.

We talked about it a lot during our hiking and mountain tours and thought about a solution. The requirements were crystal clear: it should be a solution , that is practical, comfortable and trendy.

After more than 2 years of development and production, we were able to offer the Back Zip on the market in early October 2021.

Wishing you great tours, awesome outdoor experiences and lots of fun with the Back Zip!