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Your sport. Your Back Zip.

"Performance is also a matter of a good feeling. I only can perform 100% if I have a 100% good feeling. The back zip helps me to always stay dry without having to stop. And with a dry face and a good feeling I am just faster at the summit."

"Especially in high alpine terrain, it often happens that wind combined with a sweaty face intensifies the cold sensation. For me, the Back Zip is an indispensable tool to feel comfortable even on high mountain tours."

"I'm really not a high-performance athlete, but hiking is my passion. What I just don't like is a sweaty face, especially when it's windy. For me, the Back Zip is a product that makes my hobby a little more enjoyable."

Keenon sports Gründer
Keenon sports Gründer

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Are you also enthusiastic about sports and exercise in the great outdoors and know how sweat can run into eyes and cause salty spots on glasses? Where should the sweat go? Into your arm? Into a terry cloth stuffed into a side compartment on your backpack that cannot dry? Into a microfiber towel attached to the front of your backpack constantly bouncing back and forth?

Are all those not options for you? We have the solution!

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