Back Zip Set Red | Carabiner & Microfiber Towel

  • TRENDY DESIGN: The Back Zip is the combination of a carabiner roll with a microfiber towel. A solution that combines function and comfort with design. The stylish carabiner and sweat towel are available in bright colors.
  • PRACTICAL STORAGE: The zip carabiner can be attached to any backpack and the mini towel made of microfiber is always at hand. The sports towel can dry quickly in the air, so you always have your hands free.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can also attach the Back Grip climbing brush, a golf brush or other tools up to about 80 g. The Back Zip is also ideal as an ID holder or key chain.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Sturdy and durable aluminum carabiner with a 1-meter tear-resistant nylon rope. The small towel is very soft, made of ultra-light and ultra-fine microfiber materials.
  • IDEAL GIFT: The Back Zip is a practical hiking accessory that can also generally be used as a sweat towel, travel towel, or golf towel. Surprise your loved ones with a stylish carabiner and cloth.


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Are you also enthusiastic about sports and exercise in the great outdoors and know how sweat can run into eyes and cause salty spots on glasses? Where should the sweat go? Into your arm? Into a terry cloth stuffed into a side compartment on your backpack that cannot dry? Into a microfiber towel attached to the front of your backpack constantly bouncing back and forth?

Are all those not options for you? We have the solution!

How the Back Zip works!

Easy hooking and unhooking of accessories, thanks to the ring carabiner.


Easy and quick attachment to any backpack.


The Back Zip is now always at hand!

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Pull the microfiber towel to your face with a wave of your hand, wipe off the sweat and let go!

The Back Zip can be used in many ways:

Microfiber towel conveniently stowed and always at hand.


Compatible with the Back Grip climbing brush.


As a clothesline: with 2 Back Zips you have about 2 m of rope to dry your clothes.


Wiping and cleaning glasses.

A practical and reliable companion for all your sports activities. For hiking, mountain biking, ski touring, trekking trips, and much more.
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Dein Sport. Dein Back Zip Set Red | Carabiner & Microfiber Towel.

This sweat towel is a hit. Now I can no longer lose my handkerchief that I usually use when hiking and I always have it at hand. I wouldn't give it up anymore.

I am very satisfied. The zipper is very comfortable and looks very trendy. At most I appreciate the design & quality, this product fulfills that 100%. Visually appealing, stable, easy to handle. That’s why the product gets the full number of stars!

I became aware of the product through a newspaper article. I use the backzip for golfing 🏑 It looks classy on the caddy and the pulley works perfectly. Highly recommended!