Back Grip Wood | Climbing/Boulder Brush

  • MORE GRIP, MORE SAFETY: The Back Grip is the ideal brush for removing excess chalk. This provides immediately a strong grip on the wall again, both in the climbing hall and on the rock.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLING: The brush has a slightly curved handle, fits well in your hand and protects your fingers from abrasions. This makes brushing fun again.
  • LONG LIFE: The brush handle is made of sturdy beech wood. The natural hair bristles are sustainable, sturdy and densely arranged. This is why our wooden climbing brush is especially durable.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH BACK ZIP CARABINER: The climbing brush is always at hand, safely stowed and thanks to the spring-loaded pulley immediately back to the starting point. For the perfect flow when climbing.
  • IDEAL GIFT: The Back Grip is a practical climbing accessory, perfect for any chalk bag. Surprise your climbing buddy with an ergonomic wooden brush for climbing and bouldering.


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Back Grip Climbing Brush | Your reliable companion for a safe climbing experience

Imagine being at the crux of your favorite route and knowing that the next hold must be the right one. You notice an excess of magnesium powder on the edge and your hands start to sweat.

No problem, you have got the Back Zip with the Back Grip climbing brush with you. In the blink of an eye, you clean the surface and can concentrate on the next move.

Always at hand and safely stowed for the perfect flow when climbing.

Convince yourself!

How the Back Zip carabiner in combination with the Back Grip climbing brush works!

Attach the Back Grip Climbing Brush to the ring carabiner.


Fix the Back Zip carabiner to the climbing harness.


The Back Grip Climbing Brush is now always at hand and safely stowed!


Pull the Back Grip Climbing Brush to the rock/wall with a one-hand movement, brush it off, and let go!

Back Grip climbing brush at a glance
  • Compatible with Back Zip carabiner
  • Quick and effective cleaning of holds and footholds
  • For more grip and more safety on the climbing wall
  • Hard and stable brush handle made of 100% beech wood
  • Ergonomic shape to protect the fingers
  • Dense and robust 100% natural hair bristles
  • Longer front bristles for even wear and tear
  • Compact and lightweight (26 g)
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Dein Sport. Dein Back Grip Wood | Climbing/Boulder Brush.

I am completely satisfied. Perfect brush size and very handy. The bristles tell you immediately that it is a high-quality product. The hole at the brush handle is ideal for hooking it to my Back ZIP!

100% natural materials, even the packaging completely plastic-free. Top brush with an ideal size and dense robust bristles. I would order it again.

Climbing brush made of wood with natural hair bristles. Thus, important criteria are already met for me. Smooth surface, therefore, no splinter hazard. Absolutely worth the purchase!